20th January 2017 – Star gazing

IMG_0062Izzy had a welly walk at school, whilst E, B and I went into Exeter, where we had lunch. Afterwards, I took E around the RAMM. He was really interested in the insect room, was a bit wary of the stuffed Tiger and generally gave me the run around. After a quick visit to the library, we went for a stroll around Rougemont Gardens, which wasn’t exactly welcoming due to the numerous pockets of people drinking and listening to loud music. We were on a mission to find squirrels though and were rewarded when one dashed in front of us and away.IMG_0061

After dinner, we wrapped up warm and headed out in the car to Trinity Hill Nature Reserve, which is also a designated dark sky discovery site. It was bitterly cold, but the sky was completely clear, the moon had yet to rise and the stars were amazing. We knew the names of some of them, including Venus and Mars, The Plough and Orion’s Belt, but using an app, we could identify some of the less well known stars , too.

Total wild time – Over 1 hour in total

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