22nd January 2017 – Cattle Egret and #2minutebeachclean

IMG_0069 When we were last at Seaton Wetlands, I noticed that a Cattle Egret had been recorded in fields off Cownhayne Lane, so on our way to Tesco, we stopped off to take a look. As promised, there it was, following a cow through a muddy field, which was also full of Lapwing and gulls. This rare visitor was not much different from a Little Egret, but had greyish legs and a yellow beak.

IMG_0075B and Izzy went to Tesco, whilst E and I took the dog for a walk on the beach, which was gorgeously sunny and calm. There were people fishing all along the shoreline and plenty of people strolling along the sea front. As I had a load of dog poo bags in my pocket, I decided to do a #2minutebeachclean and quickly filled my bag with plastic bottles and bottle tops, tangles of fishing line, crisp packets, polystyrene and random bits of plastic.

E was happy to find some white stones, a handful of manky old feathers and a mermaid’s purse. He enjoyed throwing handfuls of shingle into the air and listening to them raining down onto the beach.

IMG_0073Total wild time – 40 mins (E), Izzy (0 mins)

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