16th June 2016 – Daisy chains and thunderstorms

DSC_0365We spent a happy few moments making Daisy chains in the garden Рa crown for Izzy and a bangle for E, but we were forced indoors when it started to thunder. Izzy was very excited as lightning has been a bit of an obsession of hers for years, despite never having seen it before. So, we watched the storm rage from the comfort of our conservatory/junk room (whilst I mentally re-decorated it). We listened to the rain hammering down (B and I trying to ignore the fact that our guttering is clearly leaking onto the conservatory roof), watched for the flash and then counted the seconds until the thunder rumbled (10 seconds = 2 miles away). Then, when the storm moved on, we googled thunderstorms to learn about the science behind them.

Total wild time: 1 hour (near enough)

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