4th January 2017 – New Year Plant Hunt

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It was a big day today – E’s first morning at nursery school. He went in and started playing without a backward glance, but we had a phone call less than 2 hours later to say that he was upset, so I went to pick him up. He had clearly had a lovely time though and was on a high afterwards. Izzy was back at school, too, so wild time had to be fitted in between pick-up and dusk.

I managed to convince Izzy that the BSBI New Year’s Plant Hunt was just like Pokemon Go, but with flowering plants instead of monsters and so we went for a walk around Colyton’s picnic site and community woodland, recording any flowering plants we found using the BSBI app. We found a grand total of 3 species – Daisy being the most abundant, but also a single Dandelion and Annual Meadow-grass plant. I added these to the list of plants I recorded slightly earlier – Ivy-leaved toadflax, Hairy Bittercress and Groundsel. There may not have been many flowers to record, but the weather was mild, the sky turning pink and the kids had a lovely time pottering around. Izzy found a worm, which she relocated to a new home and a sprig of Ivy, which she thought was beautiful. E found a stick, which he used to bash things.

Total wild time – 55 mins

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