24th February 2017 – Pebblebed Heath


Warmth! Sunshine! Even though I was still ill, I felt so much better with an improvement in the weather. I cleaned the house, I mowed the lawn and after lunch, I took E and Bramble for a walk on the East Devon Pebblebed Heath. We parked at Joney’s Cross and ambled aimlessly around. E walked for the entire hour, without asking to be carried or whining about anything. He enjoyed plodding through the dry Purple Moor-grass and picked stems for his friend Olive, Izzy and B. He also filled my pocket with pebbles he wanted to take home. Apart from the road noise, it was very peaceful on the heath and there was a lovely view towards Sidmouth and the sea. I returned home feeling energised.

Izzy went to the playground with her class on their welly walk, so she got out and about in the sunshine, too.

Total wild time – 1 hour


17th – 23rd February 2017 – A hellish week

This was a hellish week. Izzy passed her cold on to me (and my mum), then B had to go into hospital for a minor operation and afterwards stayed in bed, recovering, whilst I tried to keep everybody alive for the next week. I managed to take E and Bramble out for some walks around Colyton and we spent some time enjoying the garden, but mostly we watched films and left the house as little as possible.

Total wild time – barely any

IMG_0184 IMG_0182 IMG_0180

16th February 2017 – Axe Valley Wildlife Park

IMG_0148 IMG_0147

We had a family day out to Axe Valley Wildlife Park, where the wildlife was not native, but included some interesting species, such as Cloud Rats, Bush Dogs, Racoon Dogs and, of course, Meerkats. We watched the Creepy Crawly show and the kids enjoyed holding the Stick Insects and stroking the Millipedes, although we politely declined the invitation to hold a Tarantula.

Total wild time – 2.5 hours

15th February 2016 – Tram Ride

IMG_0140We had a lovely time spotting wildlife from the tram that travels between Colyton and Seaton through the wetlands. We saw all sorts of birdlife, including Little Egrets, Curlews, Lapwings, Shelducks and Moorhens, as well as lots of Rabbits. Sadly the Fox that apparently been seen earlier that morning, did not make an appearance. We went to Seaton Jurassic then the playground, before heading back home. It was a lot of fun, but I was knackered after trying to keep tabs on both children on my own.


IMG_0142Total wild time – 1 hour (on tram)

13th February 2017 – Painted a shed

IMG_0138B’s birthday! He didn’t have a very exciting day, but his meeting was cancelled, so we all went to the allotment and painted the shed. Izzy was very whingey, but eventually donned an old t-shirt of B’s and joined in. A Sparrowhawk passed overhead, alarming the hedgerow birds and evidence of its previous handiwork was scattered all over the allotment.

Total wild time – about 1 hour


11th February 2017 – Playground

IMG_0135We were excited to wake up to falling snow, but sadly it didn’t settle. t took the kids to the newly refurbished playground at Road Green and they had a lovely time, until they got cold, which made walking home a challenge! Izzy had a horrible cough, so we decided that it was a good idea to spend the rest of the day recuperating at home.

Total wild time – 0 mins

10th February 2017 – A cold welly walk

I helped out at Izzy’s school welly walk this morning. The kids had been learning about capital letters, so they were set a task to find each letter of the alphabet, on number plates, road signs etc. Once at Road Green park, they were free to race around and climb trees as they wished. However, by this stage, Izzy was crying because she was so cold. Back at the school, they were promised hot chocolate to warm them up.

B took E out for a dog walk, but they turned back when E got cold.

Total wild time – 1 hour (Izzy), E – 30 mins