19th January 2017 – Frost and Ice

It has been a busy week, with B’s Growing Beer Project in full flow, and we had to fit in wild time around other things today. We enjoyed the wintery frost and iceIMG_0058, making footprints in the grass on the way to school and crunching through icy puddles whilst walking the dog. We watched a Herring Gull ‘paddling’ for worms and noticed the stripy shadow pattern made by the churchyard railings. .

Total wild time – E – about 40 mins, Izzy – 0 minsIMG_0059

16th January 2017 – A nice cup of tea in the garden

E fell asleep in the buggy, so he missed most of the dog walk today. I made the most of his nap and had a lovely cup of tea in the garden, which was almost warm in the sunshine. There were Starlings checking out their old nest site under the roof of the house and Jackdaws on the chimney.

Whilst Izzy was at Zumba, I took E to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandad and he had fun playing football in the garden, where he found lots of lovely Daisies in the lawn.

Later, E and I watched a Brown Rat sitting on top of our recycling bin, but it disappeared into the log store, before Izzy had a chance to see it.

Total wild time – about 30 mins (E), Izzy 0 mins

15th January 2017 – Pony ride

I took Izzy on a pony ride around Umborne. We saw tons of Fieldfares and it was pretty cold in the wind, but there were also some signs that Spring was on its way – the hedgerows were starting to green, with Navelwort, Primrose, Cleavers and Foxglove. Gorse was flowering and catkins had appeared on the Hazel trees.


Total wild time – 1 hour 20 mins (Izzy), E – 0 mins

18th January 2017 – Rabbits at Seaton Wetlands

IMG_0055 IMG_0054

E and I had a lovely afternoon at the wetlands. E is now so proficient on his balance bike, I had to jog to keep up with him. We spied on the Shelducks and Lapwings through the screens and we spotted 2 Rabbits nibbling grass in the sunshine. There was a Buzzard being mobbed by Crows in the sky and Blue Tits and Goldfinches on the bird feeders.

Total wild time – 1 hour 10 mins (E), Izzy 0 mins

14th January 2017 – Burton Bradstock Beach

thumbnail_IMG_2873 It was a gorgeous winter’s morning for an excursion to Burton Bradstock (autocorrect keeps changing that to Breadstick!) We hit the beach, which was flanked by golden, overhanging cliffs to the right and slumping, charcoal-grey cliffs to the left. Bramble chased seaweed, whilst Izzy collected ‘sea pearls’ (semi-transparent pebbles) and E ran around. It was all going so well, until E fell in the surf and soaked his trousers. We had to abort our trip and return to the car for a change of clothes.

thumbnail_IMG_2890Total wild time – 40 mins

13th January 2017 – Welly walk and unexpected deer

IMG_0043I accompanied Izzy’s class for a chilly welly walk to a muddy field next to the river. Izzy, having refused point blank to wear gloves, hat, scarf, or woolly socks, was freezing and miserable by the time we returned to the school.

Later in the day, I had a brain wave and decided that after school, we would go to Seaton, buy hand warmers and take the dog for a walk on the beach at Beer, before heading to Peco for soft play. On the way to Seaton, I pointed out a Roe Deer in a field near the wetlands. The hiking/outdoor shop didn’t stock hand warmers (obviously!) so we set off for Beer without them. The road was shut though, so we took a diversion. By this time it was getting late and the sun was starting to set. We were excited when we spotted a little bit of snow on the ground and even more excited when three Roe Deer ran in front of the car, one after the other, giving us a lovely close-up view, before vanishing back into the woods. It was almost dark by the time we got to Beer, so instead of getting the kids out and kitted up, B jumped out and gave the dog a quick blast on the beach, whilst we stayed in the car, watching the sun set. E didn’t get his wild time, but he didn’t mind, as he got to go to soft play instead.

Total wild time – Izzy – 1 hour, E – 0 mins