17th December 2016 – Lapwing flock

IMG_20161217_120130535_HDR IMG_20161217_140715539 IMG_20161217_144306390

Izzy serenaded Cracker and I with carols as we hacked around Umborne. We saw a big flock of Starlings and some seasonal Holly berries.

After lunch, I took Izzy and E out to Seaton Marshes, to return the owl factsheets we had kindly been lent and to take the bikes for a spin. Izzy was in a bit of a whingey mood, so it was a bit of a trial, but we saw plenty of birds – the tame Robin, loads of Blackbirds, Shelduck, some gorgeous Teal, Coots, Moorhen, Pheasants, gulls… Then a tram went past and sent up a huge flock of Lapwing.

Total wild time – Izzy about 2h 25 mins, E about 1 hour