20th November 2016 – Pony riding

IMG_20161120_145701385_HDRI took Izzy out on Cracker and we had a lovely time. Her confidence is really growing and she wanted to trot a lot, so I ended up getting a bit of exercise. The rains had washed lots of stones and debris into the lanes. We passed fields of stubble, saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker fly away, then a couple of Egrets perched close to the Umborne.

Total wild time – 1 hour 45 mins (Izzy)

19th November 2016 – Into the woods

IMG_20161119_104421699_HDRWe went exploring in Champernhayes Woods this morning. The kids kicked through drifts of crunchy orange Beech leaves and clambered amongst the trees on the old hedge bank. It all went wrong, though, when Izzy lost her welly in some particularly deep, sticky mud and got a wet sock. Cue a lot of crying for the remainder of the walk. We saw a distant Jay, but that wasn’t enough to cheer her up.

Total wild time – about 1 hour

18th November 2016 – Fail

It felt like winter today and we hurried through a flurry of sleet in Axminster. I know I should embrace all seasons, but I have to admit that I am not a fan of winter. At all. Despite this, I am still going to try to get outdoors with the kids for an hour a day whenever possible over the next few months. Izzy had an inset day and her request was swimming. After that we had an explore and lunch in Bridport, then headed home, so that B could work and I could paint the dining room. By then, it was dark and we had run out of time for doing anything wild (although we did start a 1500 piece puzzle depicting waders and wildfowl, together!)

Total wild time – 0 mins

17th November 2016 – After-school beach walk

We went for a family walk on the beach after school. It was misty and atmospheric, as the light faded from the sky. E threw his arms wide and roared at the sea. We lobbed pebbles into the waves and balanced stones on top of each other to make towers. A boy zoomed past on the pavement, pulled along on his skateboard by his dog. We were only out for half an hour, but we all returned to the car energised by our blast on the beach.

Total wild time – 30 mins

16th November 2016 – An unpleasant dog walk

IMG_20161116_135943315_HDRToday’s wild time was a bit of a disaster. I took E and the dog out for a walk by the river and seeing the field gate was open and no livestock around, I let the dog off the lead. Seconds later, she disappeared and I realised that she had found a field with some sheep. Swearing under my breath, I called her back and she came, so we continued our walk along the river. We splashed in the shallows, discovered some molehills and E was having a lovely time, but the sheeps’ owner came out to find us. I apologised profusely, explained that I had not realised there were sheep there and assured her it wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately, though, that was not good enough and the woman continued to give me a bollocking. She eventually huffed off and we made our way back home, feeling stressed and upset.

Total wild time – 1 hour (E), Izzy (0)IMG_20161116_140503837

13th November 2016 – Pony riding

It was unseasonably warm and sunny for our pony ride this afternoon. We paused for a moment to watch a huge flock of Rooks, which rose en masse from a field into the sky. Izzy thought it looked like a school for Rooks. Later, I nagged B into taking E and the dog for a walk, so they got outside, too.

Total wild time – 1 hour 25 mins