20th May 2017 – Flower girl dress shopping

No time for the wild today, as Aunty Lenny came to stay and we all went into Exeter to shop for clothes for her wedding in a few weeks. Izzy was especially excited about her flower girl dress and E about his new trousers-with-braces. We did notice the wonderful drifts of Ox-eye Daisies on the verges of the A30, though.

Total wild time – 0 mins

19th May 2017 – Thelma Hulbert Gallery Garden Party

IMG_0483After school and an early dinner, we headed out to Honiton to the Thelma Hulbert Art Gallery Garden Party. There, we had a lovely time making bird feeders out of willow and pom-poms using a fork. There was an exhibition of knitted scenes and some lovely music. The kids had a great time racing around in the garden and rolling down the hummocks. They were sad to leave, but we needed to head back for bed time.

Total wild time – 1 hour

18th May 2017 – Axmouth beach

IMG_0481The kids didn’t get any wild time, as E fell asleep in the car and carried on with B to the DIY store, instead of walking with Bramble and me to Axmouth beach. It was very peaceful there, with lots of insects buzzing around on the Horseshoe Vetch at the base of the cliffs. I returned feeling refreshed and revitalised, to find B and E waiting for me in the car.

Total wild time – 0 mins

13th May 2017 – Abbotsbury

IMG_0452 IMG_0459 IMG_0466

My birthday present from the family was a trip to Abbotsbury, so we hopped in the car and drove along the gorgeous coast road towards the pretty little town. First, we explored the Sub-tropical Gardens, which were lovely, with a unique micro-climate and atmosphere. E loved spotting the Pheasants sitting in the shrubs and B and Izzy managed to drag themselves away from Pokemon Go long enough to appreciate the swinging bench, rope bridge and goldfish ponds.

Next stop was the children’s farm, which the kids loved so much they got a bit emotional when it was time to leave. They loved having a cuddle with the Guinea Pigs, playing on the toy tractors and I have never seen E as happy as he was in the soft play ball pit.

At this point we toyed with the idea of going home. The kids were shattered but didn’t want to leave, yet, so in the end, we decided to press on to the swannery, where we enjoyed the willow maze, the go karts and spotting the cygnets amongst the many many swans. There were also baby Coots and ducklings, which were jumping out of the water to catch flying insects.

We returned home tired but happy.

Total wild time – about 5 hours